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Stress Less Laugh More                      Living The Luminous Life


How to use humour and laughter to create happiness, energy and success!

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Let’s just be honest – stress sucks! Stress robs us of happiness, depletes our energy, creates tension with other people and makes life miserable. But there is a solution. Humour, laughter, play and positive energy help us stress less and enjoy more.

 Laughter helps us access vitality and creativity, improves our communication and connection with others, lets us express who we truly are and makes life a joyful experience!

Here’s the really good news – you can learn the skills and strategies that will increase the levels of humour, laughter, play and positive energy you experience on a daily basis.

In  the Stress Less Laugh More workshop renowned comedian and laughter expert Anthony Ackroyd will guide you into a new life with less stress, anxiety and worry and more laughter, fun, happiness and success. You will learn:

How stress closes down our physical, emotional and mental capacities and why this must be addressed

* Why the physical, emotional and mental benefits of laughter are the ultimate antidote to the effects of stress * How to unlock your potential for experiencing much more laughter, humour and fun

* How to master the two key factors that determine whether we experience stress or joy – Intention and Focus

* How increasing your capacity for laughter and humour is as simple as A, D, E  (Access, Develop, Express)

* Why people with humour skills are perceived as more attractive, charismatic, trustworthy, influential and have more sex appeal

* How to connect with other people by identifying their “Humour Fingerprint”

* Techniques for self-managing stressful situations with humour

* How to view stressful situations differently by employing your “laughter lens” * Laughter techniques for clearing the effects of stress from your body and mind

* How laughter fuels enthusiasm, passion, creativity, resilience and achievement * Ways to use fun and laughter to triple your energy

* The importance of creating “fun anchors” and “joy rituals”

* How to become a “stress alchemist” turning fears into fun

* The Deep Laughter technique which you can be used to both relax and energise yourself at any time

* How to adopt a “laughter lifestyle” and reap the rewards of increased happiness, success, fun, relaxation, connection and joy

* How to become part of “the laughter revolution” and change the lives of those around you and maybe the entire world for the better! And there really is much, much more!



Lighting up your life with joy, purpose, creativity and connection!

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How do we create a luminous life? A life that lights us up with radiant wellbeing and positive energy. A life that empowers us to radiate that energy to other people.

After delivering hundreds of workshops to thousands of people on 5 different continents, from Sydney to Singapore to Kuwait to  Buenos Aires workshop leader Anthony Ackroyd believes the answer is the same for everyone. To have a luminous life we must ignite what Anthony calls The 4 Fires.

The first fire is Joy. The buoyant energy of laughter, humour, enthusiasm, happiness, excitement and celebration that makes us love life and shine.

The second fire is Purpose. We must have a conscious purpose for our life that inspires and uplifts us, and causes us to take the actions we need to take to fully illuminate.

The third fire is Creativity. To really light up we need to be expressing our unique gifts, what Anthony calls “our personal genius” which empowers us to express who we are.

The fourth fire is Connection. As human beings to feel fulfilled we need to connect with ourselves at a meaningful level and connect with other people in ways that bring us that feeling of aliveness that we all crave.

Living The Luminous Life will give you the resources you need to get your 4 Fires really blazing. So you can have more Joy, Purpose, Creativity and Connection and live the truly luminous life you deserve to live!