My mission is to help as many people as possible have
amazingly happy and successful lives by teaching
them how to use humour and laughter to their advantage.

I’m happy to say I’ve been doing this with
great success as a comedian, speaker,
writer, seminar leader, and MC for almost
three decades now and I’m more excited
about the power of laughter than
I’ve ever been!

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My new keynote and workshop changing lives and businesses.

Anthony Ackroyd's stellar comedy career spans three decades and he continues to be one of Australia’s most successful stand up comics and comedy writers. He is currently one of the stars of ABC’s Thank God It’s Friday! which is the top rating radio comedy show in Australia.

Audiences in Australia and overseas find Anthony's stand up comedy performances, his keynote and workshop Stress Less Laugh More!  and his famous impersonation of former and present Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd entertaining, exciting, inspiring and very funny! MORE

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